Alibaba launches Blockkchain initiative amid fear of coronavirus

A number of Alibaba subsidiaries have begun offering solutions that operators hope will help companies trying to do business while the nation fights the coronavirus – including block-chain-powered online “contactless bidding” capabilities. According to media company Crypto Watch, Chinese financial media report that several Alibaba companies are involved in the new campaign, including the e-commerce giant’s Alipay electronic payment platform. The media report that Alipay is using block chain technology for online bidding, which allows users to place “contactless” bids on products and services.

Blockchain technology for a standstill

Other Alibaba groups will also use the blockchain technology in their efforts to bring business in the country to a standstill following the devastating outbreak of the corona virus. These include Dingding, a provider of solutions to support remote work dingding, as well as Alibaba Cloud and more, all of which have expressed their intention to use new technical solutions to help companies in the country return safely to work. Contactless, block-chain-driven payment solutions could potentially be adopted by, the grocery chain for which Alibaba paid nearly $10 million in 2018. The latest remote working solutions could also help organizations monitor the health of their employees and transportation, as well as a platform that would allow companies to apply for government approval to reopen their businesses.

Companies are encouraged to allow their employees to work from home wherever possible, and the Alibaba Cloud has given many companies free access to many of its solutions to meet the massive increase in demand.