Big run on New Year’s coin 2020

The new year coin 2020 is called “Klang des Glücks” and shows the Musikverein. The coin in silver or copper offers an alternative to plastic piglets at the turn of the year.


The New Year’s coin 2020, which was presented yesterday evening by Dr. Thomas Angyan, Director of the Vienna Musikverein and Gerhard Starsich, General Director of Münze Österreich AG, is available from today.


The nine-sided coin marks the beginning of the new year musically and points to a happy anniversary: On 5 January 1870 – 150 years ago – the building of the Vienna Musikverein was officially opened.


The audience was amazed at the first musical performances: the acoustics of the Golden Hall set new standards. From all points of view one could hear equally well. The outstanding sound characteristics of the room were not the result of strict scientific research. Happily, a wonderful sound had resulted from a wonderful architecture.


“For many, donating New Year coins is as inseparable from the turn of the year as the Pummerin or the New Year’s Concert,” says General Director Gerhard Starsich. The New Year coin 2020 expresses joy: Joy for the New Year, for the music, for the time-honoured Vienna Musikverein and for the eternally young Apollo, God of the Arts, who has been hovering high above the listeners for 150 years.


The “150 Years of the Musikverein” coin is available in two versions at financial institutions, post offices, Dorotheum branches, the Musikverein, Münze Österreich AG and the Vienna New Year’s Eve Trail:

  • from ¼ Ounce of silver in attractive packaging with New Year’s banderole
  • made of copper at face value, i.e. 5 Euro by 5 Euro The coins are means of payment in Austria.


About the Austrian Mint:

With almost 825 years of history, the Vienna-based Münze Österreich AG is today one of the most dynamic and successful mints in the world. Its business model is based on four product families: circulation coins, investment coins made of gold, platinum and silver, collector coins, discs (uncoined coin plates) and publishing medals made of precious metals. Their recipe for success: the reliably high quality of their products, the highest level of craftsmanship and ongoing investment in product innovations and the most modern machinery in the world.