Bitcoin speculations: An analyst even talks about the 60000 USD mark

New analysis, new luck: According to a forecast by Marcel Pechmann, the Bitcoin price (BTC) may rise to $ 60,000. To get this value, the crypto-analyst uses a theory by sociologist Everett Rogers. In 1962, the consumer was divided into five groups: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and stragglers. According to Pechmann, this division allows the adoption of new technologies to be traced relatively reliably. Innovators know very early on what the new trend will be, while the stragglers only have new technologies in their pockets when they have long been established.


Bitcoin price in early phase?

In terms of cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin price, one is still in the early phases, the optimistic analysis goes on to say. In order to get a “reliable” forecast for the Bitcoin price, Pechmann closely manages the cryptocurrency with Apple and the iPhone. According to Pechmann, only 11 percent of Americans currently own the cryptocurrency. When Apple was at the same level with its iPhone (2008), it should still take a while before Apple stock could explode. By 2012, the Apple share had still managed to achieve 520 percent growth. If the Bitcoin price behaved the same way now, it would rise to just under $ 60,000. However, the cryptocurrency would also have to be used worldwide. The analyst acknowledges that this could be difficult:

Even though Bitcoin can be seen as an innovative technology that has undeniable advantages over traditional financial instruments and gold, it still has to prove its trillion-dollar potential. Changing human behavior and beliefs is a Herculean task.