BTC analysis: only 500,000 addresses hold 1 Bitcoin – Millionen 4 million are idle

Bitcoin is divided by the number of addresses that contain BTC. The cryptocurrency number 1 has now reached a historic high of almost 30 million.

20 million of them contain Bitcoin worth $ 1 or more, while about 6.5 million addresses store up to $ 100 worth in Bitcoin. Blockchain analysis shows that the number of “sensibly” invested addresses is only $ 2.3 million at $ 1,000 or more. Of these, only about 500,000 addresses have 1 Bitcoin or more, even less are worth $ 100,000.

The top 10 addresses own just 5.67% of the total Bitcoin inventory. Mainly these are exchanges – which in turn means that they hold the Bitcoin of many individuals. Coinbase alone has millions of customers.

The top 10,000 addresses, however, hold almost 58% of the total bitcoins. Still better than Fiat, but still very focused.

The reason for this could be that it was initially fairly easy to mine Bitcoin, a laptop was enough. Some of the top addresses have not been active since 2010.

This “1Fee” address has long been the subject of speculation. A total of 3. 3.91 million have not moved since December 2014. In general, only 500,000 Bitcoin have apparently moved in the past five months – but then they could potentially go through many hands. Last year, 8 million bitcoins were moved, meaning there was considerable activity in the first half of the year, but not much in the second.

We estimate that another 2 million Bitcoin worth about $ 10 billion will be traded on exchanges, mainly these determining the price.

Bitcoin looks like a reasonable amount of commercial activity, but the bulk of it is HODLn and trading.