Can the Paypal Bitcoin rumour get BTC further up?

Does PayPal plan to integrate crypto?

Whenever rumors of crypto integrations by large companies emerge, the crypto industry is usually optimistic. This was exactly what happened to Bitcoin and the entire market yesterday when it came out that PayPal could work on crypto integration. According to a job posting published by PayPal, someone is looking to work on various initiatives related to market innovations. In addition, the ideal candidate should focus on agility and market innovation to develop crypto products and features that can improve the services offered by PayPal. Another job ad is looking for a blockchain research engineer to work with the company’s Strategic Technology Enhancement team.


What they should do

They should analyze and understand the blockchain and crypto market and whether PayPal will be able to use blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As soon as possible crypto integration of PayPal made the rounds, the market immediately reacted bullish to it. The price made a good $ 500 in one day after the price fluctuated between $ 9,300 and $ 9,600 for a good 10 days. The rumor pushed the price up to a strong resistance at $ 9,800, where it bounced off immediately. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin is trading above $ 9,600.Other cryptos like Ethereum grew 3 percent. XRP and Litecoin also saw gains. However, XRP was the currency with the lowest growth in the past 24 hours, at only around 0.20 percent. Litecoin rose 0.52 percent.