CoinMetro makes professional crypto-mood barometers usable

The Estonian crypto exchange CoinMetro has decided to make its crypto market sentiment analysis tool available to small investors. So far, only professional crypto hedge funds could access the tool.

The fact that the tool is very simple should not be misunderstood, because, as CoinMetro CEO Kevin Murcko emphasizes, the main thing is to provide smaller crypto investors with the same data as the professionals, he explains:

“The data we offer is exactly the same data that institutional investors can see. The course development is not shown, but nonetheless it is the same data that Fidelity also uses, for example. In addition, the data is made available at the same time, which means that nobody has a time advantage. ”


CoinMetro is preparing

Murcko firmly believes that CoinMetro is a crucial step ahead of the competition when it comes to dealing with regulatory requirements. Accordingly, he is confident that increasing regulation is a great opportunity for his crypto exchange:

“Regulation is coming and it will be stricter and tougher than expected. The new Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) is just the tip of the iceberg heading towards the crypto industry. Because we are already exceeding the requirements, we are well equipped to master even stricter regulations without any problems. ”