France defines bitcoins, while Belgium wants to get rid of it

Token start-up ICOBox sentenced to $ 16 million

The U.S. exchange regulator has imposed a $ 16 million fine on ICOBox. The reason for the criminal complaint was violations of US stock exchange law. According to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), ICOBox does not have the license to sell securities or the licenses to operate as a broker. After the penalty payment became known, the offices of ICOBox were found abandoned. The authorities are currently looking for the founder Evdokimov.


Hammertime: Belgium wants to auction Bitcoin (BTC)

Prosecutors and customs officials have discovered a new profitable business model: the auction of confiscated cryptocurrencies. In addition to the USA, England and most recently Germany, Belgium is now auctioning several units of Bitcoin. Irish auction house Wilsons Auctions is therefore responsible for the auction, which will run the auction on 24 March.


Bank of England reveals CBDC plans

The plans of the Central Bank of England to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC) are gradually becoming more concrete. In a recently published report, the bank discusses possible scenarios for a corresponding currency, taking risks and opportunities into account. A possible model that depicts the currency output is also presented in the paper. However, there is no concrete schedule yet. In addition, the bank has not yet made a final decision to introduce a CBDC.