Gold coins for more than 100.000 Euro found

Two explorers from England have stumbled upon a gold treasure while searching for a lost wedding ring: 84 gold coins from the time of Henry VIII.

Actually he was looking for a lost wedding ring, then he made the find of his life. With a metal detector Michael Gwynne from Keighley, West Yorshire (North England) together with a friend explored a field piece during a vacation in Northern Ireland.


At first, the probe only mentioned a 5 pence piece and an old horseshoe, reports the father of two, according to The Sun. And then he fetched a total of 84 valuable gold coins from the earth. “I trembled. I still can’t believe it,” Gwynne told the newspaper.

The gold coins are supposed to be coins from the era of Henry VIII, who ruled England between 1509 and 1547. Experts estimate the value of the gold treasure at more than 100,000 pounds (approx. 116,000 euros). However, the missing wedding ring would not have been found by the men. A video shows how the lucky discoverers instead retrieve the gold coins from the earth.