Gold goes up: trade now

The gold price continues to move upwards and has already reached a new seven-year high on a closing price basis at $ 1,730.64. As a result, the intraday hurdle of $ 1746.95 on April 14 should no longer play a role. The next barrier is not that far away. This is in the 1755 area and dates from November 2012. Since this should not be too strong, a direct walk to the 1800 zone would not be surprising.Since the gold price turned down several times between November 2011 and October 2012, a consolidation can be expected there at the latest. That would also give further impetus to our SR3RL0 gold inliner.


Stop price raised

The stop price is raised to 2.25 euros.A gold inline warrant is interesting for fresh speculation, which almost triple by September. Here, too, the lower 1450 threshold should not pose a great danger. The upper one is $ 1875.00, which would still provide a clear buffer to the 1800 barrier mentioned above. There is initially no fixed stop for the position, which is why the risk of loss is controlled via capital expenditure, which should remain within an acceptable framework.