Harald Seiz – Author and visionary on the golden path

Harald Seiz is not only known in Germany. If you take a closer look at the alternative financial market, you will automatically come across Karatbars International GmbH and its founder and CEO Harald Seiz. The avid reader with an interest in finance also knows Harald Seiz. As an author and visionary, Harald Seiz addresses precisely those topics that concern the majority of the population today. Despite the fact that we are currently living in peace in Europe, upheaval is clearly noticeable and is fueling fears. Discussions about the abolition of cash, the forthcoming Brexit and the noticeable expropriation of savings are the reasons why more and more people are looking for an adequate alternative and are reverting to cryptocurrencies and material assets. According to Harald Seiz, gold and cryptocurrencies are precisely the financial resources of the future required to maintain liquidity independently of external forces and to meet peoples’ need for a safe haven.

Cashgold Harald Seiz

The combination of digital payment options and Cashgold or the GoldCard is already highly accepted today and will represent an important security for the family in the future. Gold as an investment bar or coin is already included in many portfolios for hedging purposes. However, Harald Seiz notes that it is difficult to pay for everyday needs with a gold bar and points to the impractical denominations and the weight, which is far too heavy for everyday use.

The Visions of Harald Seiz – The financial market of the future

In his books, Harald Seiz journeys back several centuries and writes about the history, as well as the significance of gold. He picks up on the current uncertainty of the population and reports on the risks that political decisions and economic changes, disasters, crises and wars have on the conventional financial system. Like all previous state monetary systems, the current financial system will disintegrate and be compensated by new currencies and new solutions. An important milestone bearing witness to the risks of conventional financial markets was the Great Depression in the 1920s. Harald Seiz openly advocates that history repeats itself and that it is only a matter of time before the next inflation comes and calls for an entirely new monetary system. Karatbars International, the innovative company of Harald Seiz, has concentrated on bringing the financial market of the future into the present and using gold as a means of payment to prevent all eventualities. The precious metal gold is demonstrably stable in times of crisis and thus the only currency which, according to Harald Seiz, provides security and liquidity at all times. Harald Seiz’s vision is based on making gold available to everyone and, for example, giving a banknote a real value by incorporating a microgold bar.

Harald Seiz was not born with success. Rather, it was based on the strength and trust in himself and his ideas, which were met with numerous criticisms and ridiculed during the founding period of Karatbars International. Despite this, Harald Seiz went his own way and showed that inner drive, motivation and good ideas inevitably lead to success.