Harald Seiz | Success is not “something you are merely born with”.

Harald Seiz is a successful German entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Karatbars International GmbH, and author. He talks about the future of money, sees the risks of today’s financial market and openly advocates gold as the means of payment and cross-border currency of the future. Harald Seiz’s career is not based on “genetic predisposition”, but on hard work and letting his thoughts about the future run wild. The Karatbars managing director and book author originally comes from a humble background and owes his success solely to the fact that he believed in himself and his ideas with a fighting spirit, courage and self-confidence and did not allow himself to be distracted from his business idea by any external influences.

“Whoever has gold is always solvent”, says Harald Seiz, and in this sentence expresses exactly what defines the corporate philosophy of Karatbars International.

Harald Seiz Karatbars

The financial market is on the brink of upheaval

Harald Seiz not only looks to the future, but also sees the past as an equally important factor. The world, and therefore also the financial markets, are currently in a state of upheaval. The debt money system, the population’s concern about the loss of cash, and the associated impoverishment are leaving their mark on society across national borders. In his books as well as his philosophy, Harald Seiz refers to the possibilities that are open to everyone and that offer a safe alternative to state solutions. Since state currencies are no longer hedged with gold, they are mere promises without a real underlying value. Harald Seiz is by no means a skeptic. The opposite is actually the case, even if some of Harald Seiz’s statements may sound like a dystopia at first glance. For all problems that Harald Seiz addresses and elaborates, he has a solution that basically points in two directions. According to Harald Seiz, cryptocurrencies will gain in importance in the future and replace the current financial system. Since pure digitalization lacks a safe haven and is too risky as a solitary strategy, gold will also play an important role in the future. Today, gold is a pure investment asset that is not suitable for the payment of products and services.

With Cashgold and the GoldCard, Harald Seiz has laid the foundation for gold as a means of payment and hence a safe haven. Smallest denominations in 24 carat fine gold are “suitable for everyday use”, as Harald Seiz emphasizes. A conventional gold bar weighing 100g or even 500g, on the other hand, is difficult to use as a means of payment.

The visionary Harald Seiz: Change is a part of life

It is an undeniable fact that state currency systems “overtake” each other at regular intervals. The past is the best measure of the future, as it illustrates change and makes a statement about the future of money. While state currencies are transient and inflation-prone, Harald Seiz sees gold as a stable pillar and the basis of the liquidity of each and every individual. For this reason alone, he addresses the topic in detail and develops “products” that make the possession of gold possible for everyone and shift the status of the precious metal from the realm of pure investment to daily use.