Ripple warns of giveaway scams

There are all kinds of scams circulating on the Internet that lure with XRP gifts. Ripple has now explicitly distanced itself from the dubious offers.Get rich overnight or would you prefer 100,000 euros a month? The decision of which dubious offers you want to be ripped off is sometimes not easy. Most of the time, a click on an intrusive link is enough and the disaster takes its course. Since there is mostly rip-off wherever there is money on it, Ripple gives some advice on how to protect yourself from fraudsters. But be careful: Scammers will hate you for this trick.


Keep your eyes open for ominous offers

If a giveaway looks real, you should first check the company’s homepage and take a look at the social channels. If the advertisement is genuine, the corresponding company websites should also list it. You can also contact the companies to make sure that the giveaways are authorized by them. All this with the proviso that the company itself is not a scam with a mailbox seat in the Seychelles.Another popular means of fraudsters is their presence on social networks. The ominous winning campaigns are often adorned with comments of the kind: “I can only recommend it” or “My neighbor has already tried it and is enthusiastic”. If such comments don’t seem suspicious enough, you should take a closer look at the profiles. The names or pictures of the profiles often cause abdominal pain.