When the BTC course becomes six digits investors want to hide

The inventor of the Bitcoin (BTC) rate model, which forecasts a rate of $ 288,000 for the BTC / USD pair by 2024, wants to go into hiding if his predictions are true.In the new episode of the Stephan Livera podcast on May 5, PlanB warned of the effects of its bullish bitcoin scenario.PlanB: $ 288,000 Bitcoin Price World Goes “Bad”The latest version of the stock-to-flow model called S2FX was released last week.


New model if stock-to-flow is not correct

PlanB added that he would continue to be present on social networks if his model was no longer correct, even if people expected the opposite.”It won’t happen. I will stay because we will need a different model,” he said.The stock-to-flow model continues to be heavily criticized. Bitfoinx’s Bitcoin whale J0E007, Vitalik Buterin and others criticized the model. PlanB argued that those who want to discredit the model have not been able to prove it and have not presented an alternative theory that has been shown to be true.Bitcoin block reward halves for the third time in five days. The event marks an important milestone in the stock-to-flow model’s schedule for $ 288,000.