Why gold has the potential as a currency | A look into the future of the financial market

Harald Seiz is visionary, founder and CEO of Karatbars International. His mission is to establish gold as a means of payment and to introduce a currency based on genuine value. The foundation stone has been laid, as Karatbars have already created global means of payment with physical gold with its GoldCard and Cashgold. The great interest in these currencies shows how important the precious metal will be in the present as well as in the future. The world is on the verge of upheaval and it is a fact that our current financial system will also crash at some point. Inflation and the devaluation of currencies, which are based on a debt money system in all countries and have no physical equivalent, occur at regular intervals. At the latest since the abolition of the gold standard, the numbers printed on the banknotes merely represent a promise and are no guarantee that the owner of the currency can purchase goods and use the paper money for payment at any time and without restriction. People who rely only on government currencies limit the security of their liquidity and may face major problems, even impoverishment, in times of crisis.

Harald Seiz

Gold is the optimal currency – long-term value stability is guaranteed

The fact that gold eliminates the risks of impoverishment is widely known and based on hard facts. 
In the historical past, there have been some financial collapses, devaluations of national currencies and geopolitical crises that have caused currencies to disappear and new currencies to emerge. The constant change, but also the current discussions about the abolition of cash and the forthcoming Brexit fuel fears and make us look to the financial future with a great sense of concern. Even in very difficult times, gold has proven to be stable in value and has provided unrestricted liquidity for the people who made provisions and put their trust in gold. Nobody can influence the development of the conventional financial market and nobody knows how long, for example, the euro will be a valid currency. For currencies with gold, this risk is eliminated because gold is physical and therefore an imperishable value. Harald Seiz sees the financial future of the world in a currency in which gold forms the stable foundation and the uninfluenceable validity and security of value. The financial market is volatile and one political decision is enough to devalue an entire financial system and leave the world’s population with nothing overnight.

“Those who own gold and who, on the basis of a small and practical denomination, can also use it in exchange for goods, i.e. as currency for payment, are certainly on the safe side.”

In order to establish gold as a global currency, the focus should be on microbars and small quantities. Since the items we consume on a daily basis cost different “amounts”, we also recommend an individual denomination similar to our current banknotes. As a visionary, Karatbar’s CEO Harald Seiz has paved the way for gold as a currency and shown what a secure and liquid means of payment of the future may look like. He referred to the historical development of the gold value and analyzed the significance of gold in the future and the prospects for the gold value.